…at my (almost 40) age!?!? No. Way. Nope. Not happening.

Yeah, I know, not wearing makeup would be the best organic way to a more natural me. BUT…I just can not.

Maybe I am just self conscious (ok, probably. FINE, yes..) I put makeup on to go to the gas station (there, I admit it). So yeah, I gotta have me the makeup goods!

With that being said, I do try to keep my routine to a minimum.  I think it probably takes me 10 minutes, 15 max. Some days, I have it down to 5 minutes, if I skip my eyes. As a single mother of 5 daughters, I don’t have time for a huge routine, plus I prefer to get an as natural look that I can get. Not overdone….that’s just trashy.

So, the best solution I can come up with is switching from my chemical laden makeup products (I plan to make the switch with my hair and skin products as well) for more natural and organic alternatives. Join me on the journey to discover organic makeup, skin and hair care products for a more natural me (and maybe you too!).